The trailer for Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of A Serial Killer is finally here

The trailer for Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of A Serial Killer is finally here

The biopic stars Yasir Hussain as the titular serial killer and Ayesha Omar as a fierce police officer. It will release on Dec 24.
08 Dec, 2021

Suspenseful music, crammed streets of Lahore, weapons and violence are the few things that sums up the recently released trailer of Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of A Serial Killer.

The teaser shared by Yasir Hussain shows him deep in the role of the titular serial killer and is a rather frightening experience for Pakistani viewers who are more accustomed to seeing love stories on their TV screens. The spine-chilling voice of Hussain as Javed Iqbal narrating his master plan will send shivers down your spine and send you to 1998 when Iqbal murdered over 100 young boys in Lahore.

The trailer begins with Iqbal in handcuffs and proceeds with the slow footsteps he takes towards the courtroom. Javed Iqbal was a real serial killer who sexually abused and killed over 100 boys in Lahore in the late 90s. After killing them he also sent evidence of his crimes to the authorities and media.

Ayesha Omar is seen as the fierce but fictional cop who will question and later possibly also beat up Iqbal. Throughout the trailer, Hussain speaks in Punjabi, so we might see that continue throughout the film.

Omar had previously told Images that the movie will be based on the investigation into Javed Iqbal, how he confessed and was interrogated. "I am playing the female police officer who leads the interrogation," she added, describing the film as "fiction based on true events."

Helmed by Abu Aleeha, Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of A Serial Killer will be releasing in theatres nationwide on December 24.


Malik Ji Dec 08, 2021 06:15pm
Any reason to darken the face of female police officer?. This new trend of darkening the skin tone for roles must be stopped. This shows the hidden Racism of our media where they try to darken any character from Punjab. First the did with Parizad and now this is becoming a trend
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HM Dec 08, 2021 07:16pm
Will they also cover the injustice that made him the killer. How the police never helped him in the beginning and how he actually gave himself up and not the so-called brave fictional cop.
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Inspector Rathore Dec 09, 2021 02:27am
@Malik Ji Honestly, we don't have to follow in the footsteps of the westerners for everything. I don't see the big deal in darkening someone's skin tone for a role. People put on body suits to appear larger (fatter) for roles. Is that also prejudice against people that can't control their weight. What about people putting on makeup to appear less desirable. Is that prejudice against ugly people? What about pinnochio with a large nose? Or Frankenstein with his ridiculously large physique. Where do we draw the line? If an actor has the talent to do justice to a role, then I think they are worthy of being cast into it.
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Omamah Khan Dec 09, 2021 04:03am
looking forward
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Umer Khattak Dec 09, 2021 05:15am
@Malik Ji It hurts, doesn't it. None paid heed to objections taken by pashtoons over their portrayal as chowkidars and cooks in sundry dramas and shows on ptv and private channels.
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Wasim Dec 09, 2021 07:33am
@HM so does the injustice towards him makes his actions okay????
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sawera Ahmed Dec 09, 2021 10:25am
Looks promising
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Phaja Milka Dec 09, 2021 10:30am
He was a scapegoat working within the supply chain of a mr big, he used to get rid of evidence.
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ahmed Dec 09, 2021 12:03pm
@HM please read dawn's story covering his life. From a very young age he was involved in sexually abusing kids. He was ousted so many times from his localities and had multiple cases against him for this (from which he was released since the vicitms' parents did not proceed with the cases)
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Mnkhan Dec 09, 2021 06:33pm
Not sure what this movie aims to achieve. To me it looks like celebrating a serial killer by making a movie on him. I know Hollywood done it but we don't need to follow everything Hollywood do. Also, disgusted by trend of darkening the skin for roles in TV or movies.
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Hasham Siddiqui Dec 09, 2021 08:41pm
The country is going through tumultuous times wrt moral outlook of our nation especially after the tragic incident of Sialkot. We as a nation should strive to portray the positive aspects of our society and it's saviors through films that should rather portray national heroes such as late Abdul Qadeer Khan and Edhi Sb. It's still not the end of tunnel and characters such as Javed Iqbal might not be hyped about.
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Laila Dec 09, 2021 11:37pm
@Hasham Siddiqui it is a true crime story. Ita not promotion or glorification. It's knowledge. I didn't know until I read this article. Nobody is stopping you from making films or works on more "positive" topics. But as a society we cannot progress if we don't learn from our mistakes and history. The relevancy this killer has even today is a fact. Children including boys are being abducted and abused sexually nationwide and it goes all the way to the top. We have actual child abuse rings operating across Pakistan and footage and videos being sold internationally and policw refusing to put them behind bars. Dawn has some great articles on this. So from the 90s until 2021 no difference. Still no safety for our kids. If your logic is to be followed then we should also not report "negative" news. Here's an idea, let's have both. I look forward to seeing visual work on subjects that interest you.
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