Ayesha Omar reveals first look from her upcoming film Javed Iqbal

Ayesha Omar reveals first look from her upcoming film Javed Iqbal

She will star alongside actor Yasir Hussain in the film based on the life of the infamous serial killer.
07 Sep, 2021

Actor Ayesha Omar took to social media to reveal her first look from the upcoming film based on serial killer Javed Iqbal.

Omar — who has starred in movies such as Karachi Se Lahore and 7 Din Mohabbat In — posted a poster of her character's look on Instagram. "The Untold Story of a Serial Killer, coming soon. InshAllah," she wrote in the captions. "And with my first look for this shattering story, a salute to our armed forces for protecting and serving us, consistently, against all odds, day in and day out. I’m full of gratitude, today and every day."

Omar will star alongside actor Yasir Hussain in the movie who will play the role of Javed Iqbal. Hussain had earlier posted his first look as the serial killer on social media as well. Both Omar and Hussain have previously worked together in Karachi Se Lahore.

Javed Iqbal, one of Pakistan's most infamous serial killers admitted to killing over 100 young boys in Lahore in 1999 when he surrendered himself at the office of an Urdu daily.

Omar had earlier told Images that the movie will be based on the investigation into Javed Iqbal, how he confessed and how he was interrogated. "I am playing the female police officer who leads the interrogation," she added, describing the film as "fiction based on true events".


Citizen Sep 07, 2021 11:28am
Recording of this film may immediately be banned. Acts of Javed Iqbal are not supposed to displayed on screen.
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NYS Sep 07, 2021 11:38am
Investigation and interrogation were the post part formality though when Javed Iqbal confessed and surrendered Infront of the cops without any pre enforcement
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Alz Sep 07, 2021 12:02pm
Ok, at first i got excited but now it looks like a bollywood type of garbage our industry has been trying to copy for the last 5-6 years.
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Shaby Sep 07, 2021 12:30pm
It will not be a make or break for both Ayesha and Yasir because they have nothing to be broken. Just a humble request to directors to avoid inappropriate scenes and dialogues.
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M. Saeed Sep 07, 2021 01:54pm
Glorification of horrible crime, should be a crime in itself.
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Abrar Sep 07, 2021 02:22pm
Must say a very bold choice of characters by both Ayesha and Yasir, both of them are not known for intense characters, best of luck to both...
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Imtiaz Essa Halepoto Sep 07, 2021 02:50pm
The movie of a serial killer might accelerate crime rate , and may give new tricks for crimes to others. Crime is a learning behaviour, as said by Father of Criminology: An American Prof Edwin Herdin Sutherland. Display of this movie might have some benefits like awareness against crime in public. But undoubtedly, it will shed some negative effects too.
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Ayaz Akhtar Sep 07, 2021 07:57pm
Please don't make such movies. Our society is illetrate at large. Many would take wrong lessons. When child abuse news started to emerge we see daily cases now. Please don't go after such stories.
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