Netflix making a movie on American grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner

Published 03 Dec, 2021 06:26pm

Images Staff

The strangers turned family have continued this tradition for six years now.

In a world where people need to be reminded to be kind, it is incredibly heartwarming to see strangers taking an accidental interaction and turning it into something more — a family tradition. An American grandmother accidentally invited a random young man to Thanksgiving one year and their friendship has turned the meeting into tradition. If you missed out on screenshots of this wholesome exchange on Twitter, don't worry because Netflix is making a film on it.

The world is never not in need of love and the announcement of this story becoming a Netflix adaptation has brought great joy to all who’ve seen the viral tweets of the exchange between the two strangers.

Six years ago, Wanda Dench mistakenly invited Jamal Hinton to her Thanksgiving dinner by texting the wrong number. This turned into a humorous exchange at the end of which he asked if he could still come to dinner. “Of course you can. That’s what grandmothers do… feed everyone,” she responded.

Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve witnessed?

This became a yearly tradition and Hinton took a picture to mark the lovely reunion each time.

Even the pandemic couldn’t break this bond. This year’s photograph was bittersweet though because Dench’s husband had passed away. They still found a way to include him. So wholesome!

When asked in an interview with what would have happened if she’d never texted him back, Dench said “then I would have missed out on a wonderful relationship. I’ve changed my view so much on the younger generation, and now that I’ve reflected back on all these years, I didn’t change their life; they changed mine.”

It is such a pleasant change to see stories of love and kindness go viral instead of violence or hatred. It is a great move on Netflix’s part to take this story and make it available to an even larger audience. The world needs more of this. It being based on a true story is even more powerful and we say hats off to the grandma who welcomed a complete stranger into her home and also to Netflix for magnifying their story.