The red flags desis are posting on Twitter have us nodding in agreement

The red flags desis are posting on Twitter have us nodding in agreement

Let the good people of social media tell you all the things you shouldn't outrightly believe.
Updated 14 Oct, 2021

Twitter has been overrun by red flag emojis and if you haven't already checked it out, you're about to get a kick out of this latest trend. Many users on social media are sharing 'red flags' or problematic things they've heard in life, the kind that should have you running for the hills when anyone says them to you. Paired with a red flag emoji, these statements will have you laughing and pondering over life at the same time.

Now while all the posts are funny, we think the ones posted on desi Twitter are particulatly hilarious — leave it to desis to think of red flags that are equal parts funny and satirical. What's humour without taking a go at social flaws anyway?

Take this red flag for instance; the people who often say this aren't exactly the benevolent sort when it comes to their domestic their staff.

If you have to say it, how seedhay sadhay are you?

Never, and we mean NEVER, fall for this one. College students beware!

And speaking of college students, there are some who think telling you where they've studied from is the only introduction they'll ever need in life.

And what red flag should the Indian subcontinent have seen from miles away? Why the East India Company of course. We could have saved ourselves from the horrors of colonialism.

Others also took a dig at people who spend lavishly to eat at restaurants, only to comment "I could have cooked this at home too" at the end. If you could, why didn't you?

People couldn't help but bring in our prime minister and his beloved slogan.

Some users didn't miss the chance to highlight a favourite phrase used by sexual harassers and rape apologists when they're accused of sexual crimes against women in Pakistan. When will people learn?

This image might be the greatest red flag for women across the world. We all know someone who has shared this on social media to make a point about how women dress.

And we also know people who convulse at the word 'feminist' without truly understanding what it means.

What are your red flags?