‘You owe nothing to the stranger questioning your choices’: Hania Aamir wants you to move on and let go

‘You owe nothing to the stranger questioning your choices’: Hania Aamir wants you to move on and let go

The actor shared a detailed post on Instagram in which she asked her followers to move on and prioritise their mental health.
02 Dec, 2021

Actor Hania Aamir was recently dragged into the spotlight for simply attending a concert that Asim Azhar along with other artists performed at. Aamir’s crime was enjoying herself, which triggered netizens across all social media platforms.

The actor now has an answer for everyone who questioned her actions and behaviour recently. “There’s growth and maturity in moving on and letting go. Prioritise your mental health. Vibe to what makes you happy,” said the actor.

She explained that holding hate in your heart will only weaken you and life is too short to hold onto the sad bits of your past.

Fans in the comment section lauded her choice of words because they resonated with them. They also showered her with love and appreciation, something one wants to hear or read when you’re at your lowest.

The Ishqiya actor is known for sharing her journey, struggles and ideas with followers on social media. Earlier this year, Aamir went live on Instagram and a part of the video was trimmed and edited to include a picture of a man ejaculating onto her picture. This spurred the actor to take a small break from social media.

In October she responded to a question about her inactiveness on social media and said, “To be honest, I'm at peace. I like that people know less and say less. Maybe one day Instagram and I can rekindle the friendship we once had but for now I'm good."

In such situations we hope that fans as well as followers respect celebrities’ privacy, especially when they are trying to have a great time.

Aamir will be seen on the screens very soon in her upcoming drama serial Sang-e-Mah and a film titled Parde Mein Rehne Do. The actor had disappeared for a while but we’re glad she’s back with more projects lined up.

We also hope that Aamir continues with her series of motivational posts as it’s exactly the kind of positivity we need to start our day.