Ali Gul Pir wants men to learn something important from women

Ali Gul Pir wants men to learn something important from women

Stop being haters and be happy for someone else, he says.
25 Apr, 2021

Rapper-comedian Ali Gul Pir noticed something recently — men don't like supporting each other the way women do and that's not cool.

He posted a series of Instagram Stories about his observations on Saturday.

"For the past few days, I have been taking care of myself. I joined a gym and got a facial for the first time in my life. I noticed women always send me encouraging messages, 'good that you joined a gym, good, take care of your body, great that you got a facial, you look good, keep doing it, how did it go', etc etc. All good messages," he said.

But the men don't do the same. "Guys are like, 'oh bro, what have you done, your face still looks the same, you wasted your money, you could have given it me instead'," he said.

"Learn something from women, they support each other, they motivate you. Guys will never be happy for each other," he said.

But this isn't new. He recalled that when someone got new shoes in school, no one had good things to say. "Everyone would say 'what shoes are you wearing, they're fake, if I had gotten them, I would have gotten them for x amount of money, this is the old design'."

What's up with that? "Be happy for someone else," he told them. "It won't cost you any money. If your life is shit, stop taking that shit out on other people. Be happy."

Wise words. We should all learn to be happy for each other. As he said, it doesn't cost a penny.