A page out of Aamir 'Icon of Karachi' Liaquat's book on how to (repeatedly) make up after a break-up

Published 18 Nov, 2021 02:37pm

Images Staff

It only makes sense we trace the trajectory of how this self-declared icon wooed Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In case you missed it, Aamir Liaquat Husain — an MNA, televangelist, meme-inspirer, poet and so much more —is also now a self-declared icon of Karachi.

On Wednesday, when most of the attention was on the Parliament where the PTI-led government and the opposition were at each other over legislation, Husain was a story unto himself.

The session started a little after noon and went all the way into the night, 33 bills in total were passed, all the bigwigs from Asif Ali Zardari to Shehbaz Sharif were in attendance — yet what was trending on Twitter was Husain, and that's no easy feat.

So it only makes sense we trace the trajectory of his iconic-ness through his u̷n̷d̷o̷i̷n̷g̷ wooing of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

It all started, like it has before, with Husain last month saying he was resigning from the PTI. But what do you do when you want to restore your on-again, off-again relationship to the former stage?

Keep it curt, wish them well

Try not to sound bitter in your break-up message — keep it terse but end by wishing them well so it seems you're taking the high road.

Let them know you're still not over them

Husain's Twitter timeline, however, was a classic example of sending a break-up text message and not getting the response you anticipated of being wooed back. So what do you do? You drop hints after hints that you're MORE than willing to be taken back.

Throw in some emo photos in the mix

Here's what you need: what appears to be the sepia effect, autumn leaves and of course, Sajjad Ali's soulful voice.

But don't appear too eager

When a friend of the subject of your affection reaches out, don't be too keen like that's all you've been waiting for. But keep the door open, like Husain did with PTI's Imran Ismail.

Tactfully find a way to set up a meeting

What's one sure way to make amends without appearing you're willing to let bygones be bygones quite so easily? Pick their side in a battle. And what's one to get attention that you're not getting otherwise? Force a situation in which you come face to face with the subject of your affection.

Dress for the occasion

Wear something you find dapper and appear jovial like seeing Imran after months is no big deal.

When that doesn't work, let them know how hurt you are and what a catch you are

Here's what you have to appreciate about Husain: he's not afraid to let the other party know that he's a catch. An icon. A legend. Granted he's the one bestowing all these titles on himself but that only goes to show his level of self-belief.

Remind them of all the times you've been there for them, and in Husain's case, not only Imran Khan but also his spouse.


Remember that song With a little help from my friends by The Beatles? Husain knows it all too well and that's what you need to remember. Break the ice by having others in the room and like our MNA after meeting Imran Khan, be nonchalant and simply say "All is well now".

Appreciation post for those who you will need in the off-again phase

This is a two birds with one stone situation; don't appear like you gave in easily while also appreciating the person you might need soon again to patch things up. Husain with a picture and his ever-ready poetry conveyed that he didn't really come (which he did) but was brought to the Parliament.

And here's the real zinger: Husain made it clear that it was simply not possible to stay away from Imran Khan.

Reunited and it feels so good

Cue Peaches & Herb's song Reunited

Now all that's left to do is make your reunion social media-official and share a picture with, and this is important, poetry (or borrow lyrics since we don't all have a flair for the dramatic like Husain) that conveys all the love, heartache and alignment of stars.