Kubra Khan has found a new appreciation for the 'small things' in life after testing positive for Covid-19

Published 01 Oct, 2021 12:12pm

Images Staff

The actor shared a heartfelt message about her illness, feeling gratitude and being on the road to recovery.

Actor Kubra Khan recently announced that she has tested positive for Covid-19. The actor said she's on the road to recovery now and has found a new appreciation for "the small things in life".

The actor garnered a lot of praise for her performance in the ongoing drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. Fans, who had grown accustomed to seeing Khan on their television screens for the past few weeks, were quite surprised to learn the actor has been nursing herself back to health after testing positive for Covid-19.

Khan shared the news through a thoughtful message on Instagram. "We as human beings have the funniest scales to measure what’s a big or a small deal," she wrote. "We are waltzing around this world given temporarily to us, taking everything and everyone for granted. Something as many would say 'as small as smelling the morning tea' or 'breathing in a normal rhythm'...it’s basic, normal isn’t it?

"I tested positive for Covid-19 a little while ago. And all these 'small things' didn’t feel so small anymore. Grateful to Allah (SWT) I am on a road to recovery now. This morning I smelt a hint of my tea and bawled out in tears out of gratitude to Allah. In the past week I had chicken karahi, Nutella cake, chocolate brownies, all my favourites in front of me. I couldn’t taste or even smell any of them. All that we work for weren’t able to lift me up, except for the 'small thing' of smelling chai that Allah (SWT) made possible," she wrote.

"I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s important to strive to live your best life and become the best version of yourselves. I do it myself and it’s normal to complain about 'the big things'. 'Paisa, kapra aur makaan' [Money, clothes and housing]. I do that too but do not disregard the luxuries we’ve been given by Allah ( SWT). Gratitude changed my life. Realising the 'small things are the real big deals' changed my life. So here I am, in a shirt that I haven’t changed in the past three days, makeup-less, filterless and energy-less but Grateful to the max. Allah is Great," she wrote.

Earlier this year, celebrities such as actors Ushna Shah, Adnan Siddiqui and Marina Khan also tested positive for Covid-19. Many urged their followers to get vaccinated to lessen the severity of the illness in case one tests positive. Getting vaccinated can also protect the people around you.