Kubra Khan unfollowed PM Imran Khan and things blew a little out of proportion

Kubra Khan unfollowed PM Imran Khan and things blew a little out of proportion

A media outlet highlighted the development and we're just as confused as you are.
Updated 24 Mar, 2021

Actor Kubra Khan, who starred in the TV series Alif, recently unfollowed both Prime Minister Imran Khan and fellow Alif star Hamza Ali Abbasi on Twitter and people were confused when a media outlet published a story on it.

In the past, the actor has publicly shown strong political support for the premier. It is rather unclear why this development has been highlighted but she wasn't happy about it either.

Her political affiliations seem pretty clear, however, Dunya News published claims that her unfollowing the premier was due to differences with his politics.

The actor responded to these claims and she’s definitely not happy. “I am and will always be one of the biggest supporters of Imran Khan,” she wrote on Twitter. “I don’t need to follow him on ‘social media’ to show my support.”

She also called out the outlet for giving the news a negative connotation.

The actor’s fans aren’t happy with how the news was reported either.

They called out the media for trying to spice up news that wasn't even worth reporting.

The actor has recently appeared on television for an interview with actor and screenwriter Vasay Chaudhry on his talkshow where she confirmed that she unfollowed the prime minister because she's not interested in following political news.

A celebrity unfollowing someone really isn't news and to make an entire story out of it is pretty amusing. Even if Kubra has stopped supporting PM Khan, that's her choice. She isn't accountable to the public or the media for her political opinions and she's allowed to change them if she wants.