Karachiites are pinning their hopes of avoiding the worst of Cyclone Gulab on Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Updated 30 Sep, 2021 06:25pm

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Who needs a coastal disaster management committee when you have a Sufi saint?

Photo: Vaqar Ahmed
Photo: Vaqar Ahmed

We aren't out of the jungle yet when it comes to Cyclone Gulab, but Twitter seems to already be celebrating and thanking Sufi saint Abdullah Shah Ghazi.

That the late Abdullah Shah Ghazi and his centuries-old shrine in Clifton protect the city from cyclones is one of Karachi's oldest urban myths. But whether they truly believe in it or not, many Karachiites took to Twitter on Thursday to thank the Sufi saint for making sure the city is cyclone free.

Some sent in early morning requests.

Others figured they knew how he was prepping ahead of the cyclone.

He's Karachi's own protection system.

This guy has no worries and wants everyone else to chill out too.

It's one or the other.

Real Karachiites know what's up.

All we need tbh.

If only.

Shots fired.

Despite Twitter's assertions, Sardar Sarfaraz of the Pakistan Met Department told Dawn that there is no question of the system turning away just yet, as it has yet to become a cyclone, which is when its track becomes clear. It is expected to become a cyclone tomorrow and will either move towards the Makran coast or Oman but for now, the threat remains.

There's a new cyclone threat looming as well — Cyclone Shaheen. Let's hope Abdullah Shah Ghazi is up to the battle.