20 tweets about rain in Karachi that are totally on point

20 tweets about rain in Karachi that are totally on point

The city's love-hate relationship with rain is dominating social media
Updated 08 Aug, 2016

When there's rainfall in Karachi, everyone reacts to it differently.

Some rejoice looking up at the dark clouds, others take a more practical approach and aren't happy thinking about the after-effects of the rain... in the dark because there's no electricity, because when it DOES rain in K-town, it pours.

However, whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, Karachiites have one thing in common: they will make sure everyone knows that it's raining in their city via social media:

Karachi rain is like that phuppi who always shows up unannounced and at the worst time, when you have other plans:

We all know what's going to happen next.

No, really, your car or bike is just no good at this point.

We'd say Careem it, but even they're in a fix.

So you can just sit at home and have some chai and piping hot paratha... unless you have to work from home, like us.

Rain is truly for the kids. Be it dirt, rain or no electricity, they totally know how to live it up.

Getting to work is next to impossible. Might we suggest you curl up in bed and watch a movie instead? We all know which Indian flick we're thinking of.

... or go to work with an improvised raincoat. These two know the true meaning of 'sharing is caring'.

This guy spilling that real tea.

And this girl too!

Of course, a Lahore-Karachi rivalry tweet in the middle of all, that is a must.

Everyone wants a nice cuppa tea in this weather.

And all kinds of unhealthy snacks. Rain = cheat day!

Your inner photographer is unleashed.

But as Karachiites, we know we have to choose: do we love the rain more or electricity?

This competition definitely beats the Olympics 2016.

Brace yourselves, screenshots of weather apps are coming!

There ain't no better time than monsoon time to highlight bad governance.