Indians want to boycott Shah Rukh Khan but we can't figure out why

Indians want to boycott Shah Rukh Khan but we can't figure out why

Here is a list of completely nonsensical reasons that trended on Twitter.
Updated 21 Sep, 2021

The dust may have settled on the 'Boycott Shah Rukh Khan' hashtag that recently trended on social media in India (and by default in Pakistan) but we're still no closer to understanding why it started in the first place. There seems to be no definite answer and most of the posts online are pretty confusing so we decided to list some of the reasons in the hopes that someone can help us figure it out.

Khan, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, is going to be starring in a new movie titled Pathan. It has been directed by Siddharth Anand. Very few details have been released yet, but according to News18, Khan plays a RAW agent named Feroze Pathan in the film and will be joined by Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

None of that explains why Indian people want to boycott him. Here are some of the reasons we found on Twitter.

He starred in a movie in 2001

From what we can gather, this user seems to be angry about a movie SRK did in 2001. And he also doesn't like the name of his upcoming movie titled Pathan. "Why praising Pathan in India?" asked the user. Why indeed.

He (apparently) loves Pakistan

Somehow, talking about intolerance in India means he loves Pakistan. Interesting.

He posted a picture with a friend

Pictures of Khan with his friend, architect Tony Ashai, have been circulating online and apparently people believe he is an ISI agent. And here we thought he was a Kashmiri-American architect who's designing the NAML Institute in Mianwali.

Six years ago he said there's intolerance in India

Six years ago, Khan reportedly gave an interview in which he said there is intolerance in India. Apparently those six-year-old remarks are enough to get him banned.

He wants to abolish Sanskrit

King Khan apparently wants to abolish Sanskrit. This guy has zero evidence, just a feeling apparently.

He follows Barkha Dutt on Twitter (and is friends with PM Imran)

The actor follows Indian journalist Barkha Dutt on Twitter, which is apparently enough to land him in purgatory. Add that to his apparent friendships with Mahira Khan and Prime Minister Imran Khan and you have a recipe for disaster.

Not a single one of these reasons make any sense to us. Let us know if you were able to figure out why Indians want him banned.

We'd like to imagine this this is how King Khan reacted when he checked the tweets under the still unclear boycott SRK Twitter trend.