25 Jun, 2021

King of Bollywood, king of hearts or king of wit? Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has us debating which title to honour him with as he touched base with fans and followers in an impromptu question and answer session on Twitter.

Catching his fans by surprise, the Main Hoon Na star had an early kickstart to his morning and decided it was a good time to spare 15 minutes and answer some questions.

"This could be the earliest #AskSrk I am doing. If like me you all are awake early let’s have a 15 minutes conversation," he said.

Out of the plethora of questions directed at him from all over the world, here's all King Khan answered cover.

Some film-release talk.

Some wise-words and encouragement.

Some self-reflection

And lots of aesthetic appreciation

(PS: We see Abraham's fitness level and agree!)

Some book recommendations for Potter heads

And some gratitude for his time in the movies

Are you wondering what the second half of this quote is too?

Grateful for the wishes, he then wished everyone goodbye and asked those who he couldn't reply to not to get disheartened as there was more to their journey together.

"Love you all and thanks for all the wishes and #AskSrk . As always sorry for all not getting replies….but we have a long journey together so will be in touch soon," he promised.


M. Saeed Jun 25, 2021 02:33pm
Big rich man's jokes are always funny !
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Fastrack Jun 25, 2021 03:18pm
Believe me, nobody watches C class Bollywood anymore. Why waste the space?
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Shamik Jun 25, 2021 03:44pm
haha fastrack. Yet you read the article and even commented. Lol
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Ejaz Ahmed Jun 25, 2021 04:58pm
My hat off to you Sharukh for what you have achieved in a very competitive and demanding line of work.
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S.Ahmad Jun 25, 2021 05:52pm
Typical Shahrukh wit.
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ST Jun 25, 2021 08:26pm
Common Q&A. Whats so special?
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Chrís Dăn Jun 25, 2021 09:11pm
@Fastrack but Shah Rukh is still a heart throb.
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Rami Jun 25, 2021 09:45pm
Pakistani artists should do questions and answers, too on social media !
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Qbmx Jun 26, 2021 01:54am
@Fastrack But all Pakistanis watch them including you
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Qbmx Jun 26, 2021 01:55am
@Fastrack Unlike you, most smart Pakistanis watch them and love them too.
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Jalal Jun 26, 2021 06:01am
@Fastrack just like you read the post and commented you are also an avid Bollywood fan like the rest of Pakistan .
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Firangi Jun 26, 2021 09:27am
SRK worked hard with passion and devotion, his success is his achievement. He is well known world over so kudos to him. Nothing big comes easy. Well done SRK
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Zohaib Jun 26, 2021 10:09am
Who cares
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