Shah Rukh Khan's doppelgänger will have you second-guessing who's the real King Khan

Published 05 Jun, 2021 04:49pm

Images Staff

Can’t say we blame you, the resemblance between Ibrahim and the DDLJ star is uncanny!

Remember the “we all have seven people who look just like us” theory? We don't know about seven, but TikTok has definitely spotted one for Shah Rukh Khan and this doppelgänger has fans across the globe second-guessing who's the real King Khan.

Ibrahim Qadri's striking resemblance to the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai star is truly uncanny!

With strikingly similar hairstyles and matching wardrobes, his presence on the internet has shocked many who have commented on the similarities between Khan and Qadri, dropping comments such as "which one is real?", "It’s so difficult to differentiate between the two", "well maintained" and “You will shock Shah Rukh if you ever meet him”.

However, Qadri is not just a replica of King Khan but also a big fan. According to The Indian Express, the social media influencer’s way of paying a tribute to SRK is mimicking him.

We're not sure we can tell who the real one is either!