Anoushey Ashraf and Dino Ali show their love for Karachi with their accent challenge video

Anoushey Ashraf and Dino Ali show their love for Karachi with their accent challenge video

The best friends' take on Karachi's slang was hilarious, endearing and pretty spot on to be honest.
20 Sep, 2021

Actor and RJ Anoushey Ashraf recently posted a video of herself and Dino Ali on Instagram that had us chuckling. They posted an attempt at the accent challenge as Karachi dwellers, doing their best at showing us how Karachiites pronounce various words.

Ashraf's video was an impressive display of how well she knows her city. "Tell me you’re from Karachi without telling me you’re from Karachi?" she said in the video post. "Took up the #accentchallenge with my best friend Dino Ali.

"We love you Karachi. You’re our heart and home. There will be no other like you," Ashraf emphasised.

In the video they pronounced common words like Pepsi, chewing gum, shopper, shampoo, jeans and of course the infamous 'Kiranchi'.

The RJ also added a disclaimer in case some people took the video a little too seriously. "This video is in jest," she said. "It’s a trend world over and accents are a large part of what makes cities and it’s people so very unique. Take it lightly and enjoy. We love Karachi as much as you do."

These two best friends were not the first to recently post their take on Karachi slang. Instagram user Warisha Ali and her friend got a lot of love on social media after their video went viral. "Karachi lingo featuring the brother I lost at the Kum festival," Ali's video caption read.

Ashraf saw the video as well and was overwhelmed with adoration for Ali and her fellow Karachiite friend.

What words do you think they missed?


M. Saeed Sep 20, 2021 05:59pm
In one of the Wahid Murad films, he talked about Karachi slangs and I remember vividly, his slang "Arrike" for Han Thheek hai.
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H Sep 20, 2021 06:00pm
Been a while Anoushey didnt had anything to say. Yet another article dwelling on her intellect genius that is being imposed on us for no apparent reason.
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siddiq karim Sep 20, 2021 06:58pm
I love Karachi and Pakistan
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Sana Sep 20, 2021 07:27pm
Karachi accent is ten times better than Lahori accent
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Agha Hasaan Sep 20, 2021 10:22pm
That's inappropriate and condescending behavior.
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M. Saeed Sep 20, 2021 10:49pm
@Sana, what about Peshawari accent and grammar?
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Malik B Sep 22, 2021 01:56am
Extremely condescending behavior - a poor role model
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Matt Price Sep 24, 2021 02:02am
Having watched the video myself and having a bit of an accent - can safely say this was in poor taste. Very condescending actions especially towards those who are not as fortunate,
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