Celebrities pray for ailing comedian Omer Sharif

Celebrities pray for ailing comedian Omer Sharif

Mawra Hocane, Ahsan Khan, Hira Mani posted messages of support for the veteran entertainer after his wife called for prayers.
11 Sep, 2021

Celebrities are banding together to ask for prayers for comedian Omer Sharif.

The veteran entertainer is unwell and has made a request to Prime Minister Imran Khan to help facilitate his medical treatment abroad. Speaking to ARY, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill said the government would help facilitate his visas and travel abroad and would try to help pay for the surgery he requires.

Sharif's wife also made an appeal for prayers on his Facebook page and said the next 24 hours were very critical. In a followup post, she clarified that they have only asked the government to help facilitate Sharif's travel and visas. "We just wanted to clarify that Omer and his family didn’t ask for any financial assistance from government and any entity," she said.

Soon after, a number of celebrities took to social media to pray for Sharif's health and ask others to do the same.

Actor Mawra Hocane prayed for his health.

Director Nabeel Qureshi also sent prayers Sharif's way.

"I love you Umer Sharif bhai," wrote actor Hira Mani.

“May God give health and strength. You are the heart of Pakistan. God always keeps people who spread joy safe. May God fix you right up, that is my prayer.”

Actor Zarnish Khan said she was proud of the prime minister for taking notice. “[Omer Sharif] is a legend and has served Pakistan more than we can imagine; he deserve the support of the government of Pakistan. May God give him health and a long life.”

Actor Ahsan Khan wished Sharif health and a speedy recovery.

Singer Shuja Haider called Sharif a star whose glow can be seen by the whole world. He called for prayers for Sharif, whom he described as someone who has made Pakistan's name shine.

Actor Aiman Khan shared Haider's post with an "Ameen".

Model and actor Omer Shahzad wished him good health and a long life.


NYS Sep 11, 2021 05:10pm
Pray your swift recuperation
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Fastrack Sep 11, 2021 05:39pm
Love you Umer Bhai. What a beautiful soul you are. Spread smiles and happiness- to me, all my family, all my friends, and more.
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Veeran Sep 11, 2021 06:19pm
It is very sad News. Those who are reach in Lollywood & Bollywood peronality should come forward to help this all time greatest comedian artist if PM Khan can not help him for treatment !!! I am sure if any charity started then Bollywood star will sure come forward to help !!!
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Sidc Sep 11, 2021 06:32pm
Pray when you don’t want to do anything else . Why not people start fund for him and collect money for him instead of prays.
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Tamza Sep 11, 2021 06:44pm
So the famous get the life-saving resources; the ordinary die ignored!!
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Imran Sep 11, 2021 07:01pm
So what exactly is the cause of his ill health?
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Imran Sep 11, 2021 07:02pm
Will someone please tell us what is the cause of his severe medical condition?
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ARY Sep 11, 2021 08:41pm
He is looking for pay not for pray.
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hanifsmile Sep 11, 2021 09:01pm
I am sorry, but these popular celebrities have made so much money during their carrier, in millions, I am sure they don't pay fair tax, but when they get sick they want money from government for treatment. I am not saying Umer Sharif also didn't pay tax, but I am generally speaking
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Zak Sep 11, 2021 09:07pm
Get well soon, good entertainer.
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Omar Sep 11, 2021 09:43pm
what's the truth. His sisters say that he has minor chest infection and no serious complications and is resting comfortably at home. Then, he himself says that he needs to go abroad for treatment and now his wife says this.....
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Rock Solid Sep 11, 2021 10:03pm
A noble soul, wishing and praying for his speedy recovery
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Syed Ahmed Sep 11, 2021 10:07pm
Omar made a lot of money in his career, why is he asking for help from government? Charity is for very poor people. I wish him well but this is wrong.
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k k tiwari Sep 11, 2021 11:45pm
we love you Omar Sharif in India, arrange him treatment here
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Zak Sep 12, 2021 12:28am
PTI government should start a fund for pensions and medical insurance for actors who sign up from start of carrier.
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Karan Sep 12, 2021 01:00am
These actors/actresses work throughout their acting careers and get paid for each act, then when they grow old or get sick ask for Government’s assistance, why? Why should the Government help you, you should have saved money for the rainy days like these. Government may assist people who directly aided keeping the country secure like Nuclear scientists or missile engineers. What did Omar Shareef do to get any help from the Government? This nonsense is like Bruce Wills or Brad Pitt falling sick and asking the US Government to help pay for their expenses. Doesn’t make any sense!
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Ilovehelen Sep 12, 2021 02:47am
It's funny how these same celebs tweet degrading comments about thesethe veteran stars and give them zero respect( e.g Firdous Jamal incident) but when a publicity opportunity arrives, they stick to sympathy news like flies stick on sweet.
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Jalal Sep 12, 2021 04:50am
Certainly a legend that has entertainment millions for decades . Wish him the best.
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Malik Sep 12, 2021 07:49am
He is a legend and king of Kings of comedy.
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A Sep 12, 2021 08:15am
IK should keep his promise and send him with cover expenses for him and his family to whichever country gives the treatment. If Nawaz can go then why not Umer?
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DR. KAKA Sep 12, 2021 08:29am
Prayers are offered at Dargah to cure him
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Ahsan Gul Sep 12, 2021 08:45am
What Mr. Shrief suffering off?
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LAHORI KID Sep 12, 2021 08:48am
How do you facilitate travel ? Visa I understand, The only way to facilitate travel is to pay for his ticket, right ? How else do you facilitate travel? Give him the Air Force jet the PM travels on ?
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Masood Sep 12, 2021 09:17am
What’s the exact illness We can all help once we know what exactly he needs
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Bay Adab Sep 12, 2021 09:53am
Stop criticizing an old ailing person. He is not asking for money, he is asking for help in travel arrangements. He has heart problems with some severe complications but why people are interested in what ailment he has? Pakistanis want every suffering of other people to be linked to some sin of the past, what a society we are!
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Asif al Sep 12, 2021 10:16am
Dua is weapon of a believer and dua is worship, someone is requesting for dua only. ..
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Mera Watan Sep 12, 2021 10:50am
@Tamza Atleast read the news first, he was just asking for help to get visa not money. Because of Covid issue many countries need people to get quarantine or get vaccinated before going over there. It is the government who is offering money. Only Nawaz Sharif and Zardari needs people money for their treatment because they are real artist.
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Rafique Sep 12, 2021 10:54am
Bunch of hypocrites here just talk about prayers for him! They should put their money where their mouth is and help him financially!
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 12, 2021 11:23am
Wishing him a quick, early and complete recovery, better health, long life and good days ahead.
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Truth Sep 12, 2021 12:27pm
Sadly, a precedence has been set for future extortions! His tactic to have IK government pay for his treatment will be repeated by many other ''celebrities'' in the future.
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Truth Sep 12, 2021 12:33pm
@Imran Don't you know?? He's suffering from the same ailment that the other infamous Sharifs seem to suffer from. Take your pick: Nawaz Sharif, Hamza Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Hassan Sharif, Hussain Sharif and all those related to, married into or were the disciples of Mian Mohammd Sharif at one time or the other.
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Sane Mind1st Sep 12, 2021 01:58pm
Wishing him speedy recovery. But him asking for government help is not agreeable. He must have made enough money in his career to take care of himself and his family. If not this is lesson to all.
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Captain Sep 12, 2021 02:45pm
I don’t understand why do we only call actors and actresses as celebrities? Infact celebrities are famous persons. Do we have only media persons as famous and not others who have done miracles in other fields n we feel ashamed in calling them as Celebrities eg A Qadeer, Edhi, Jahngir Khan, Miandad, etc
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Asad Rehman Sep 12, 2021 03:20pm
All these so called stars instead of tweeting should get together and start a fund raiser for Umer Shareef so that he can get the necessary medical treatment. This should have been immediate. Shameful that they are profiteering from the misery of an ailing man who has given his life to Pakistan and im sure has helped some of those who has joined the media.
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tahirqkhan Sep 13, 2021 09:55am
While the celebrities pray and implore the government to foot the bill, how many celebrities have actually donated for Omar Sharif's cause?
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