Young Stunners' latest song 'Why Not Meri Jaan' is creating quite the stir online

Young Stunners' latest song 'Why Not Meri Jaan' is creating quite the stir online

The rap duo have released a catchy song that is fast winning hearts and praise from people online.
30 Aug, 2021

Young Stunners — the rap duo comprising Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus — recently came out with a new song and netizens couldn't be more pleased.

The duo who rose to fame with the release of their song 'Burger-e-Karachi' have created quite the fanbase for their original Urdu rap and catchy beats. The duo has recently released 'Why Not Meri Jaan' in collaboration with Pepsi Pakistan and the song is fast winning the hearts and praises of netizens.

The duo announced the release of the song on social media. "Time to let go of every 'why' that has held you back till now, because you only live once," read the caption on their Instagram post.

Netizens absolutely love the song and seem to only have good things to say about it. Many hailed the song as a step forward towards bringing Urdu rap on the map.

In fact Talha Yunus himself believes that the new song will do wonders for the music genre.

Some users threw a little shade at the Pakistan Super League for not allowing the artists' musical genius to shine through in the official PSL 2021 anthem that featured the duo alongside Aima Baig and Naseebo Lal.

Others hailed Pepsi for doing a job well done in helping create a killer song.

The happiest of the lot were those who realised the lyrics were clean. They could finally listen to a Young Stunner song in the presence of their families.

Of course the Young Stunners' have some celebrities amongst the ranks of their fan base as well. Actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf couldn't hold back her excitement and love for the duo on Instagram.

We've got to admit, the song is definitely a great listen. It has already garnered more than 900,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours and we're pretty sure the number will only continue to rise. What are your thoughts on the duo's newest release?


Syed Ahmed Aug 30, 2021 07:33pm
Buhat hi aala
nk Aug 30, 2021 10:21pm
Why not you include some Pakistani culture into your songs Meri Jan? Only western clothing does not represent our culture Meri Jan.
Hasaan Aug 31, 2021 12:02am
I don't like it at all. Am I too old now?
Fawwad Aug 31, 2021 12:40am
@nk meri jaan they sing in Urdu, not French. Chill. Stop ranting about Pakistani culture.
Hasan Aug 31, 2021 12:52am
Despicable rap music …
Muzna Aug 31, 2021 08:05am
Tune is copy of Brown Munde
Syed Ahmed Aug 31, 2021 10:50am
@Syed Ahmed mean Buhat hi aala it’s
Ahmar Qureshi Aug 31, 2021 02:18pm
I've heard this with keen ears & watched it with zeal! Nice to see the artistic prodigy is making a distinction in such an artwork! The rapper sounded more like Jamaican + African American, nice rhyming with good charade of words. The fizzy drink production company is now getting attention from the consumers - I should say the best churn management! Kudos!
Abdul Salam Sep 03, 2021 01:15pm
@nk . What's wrong with wearing jeans and shirts? how many youngsters do you see on the streets wearing shalwar kameez? accept the reality,