'The intern did it again': Netizens are full of jokes about McDonald's new 'marketing campaign'

Published 10 Aug, 2021 03:37pm

Images Staff

Almost everyone got a message from McDonald's asking if they should get podina and no one's sure if it's a mistake or an ad.

Almost everyone in Pakistan seems to have received a message from McDonald's, asking if they should get podina (mint leaves). No one is sure if this is a marketing tactic or a mistake by a diligent intern but that hasn't stopped them from making fun of it online.

One man didn't just want mint leaves, he gave them his whole grocery list.

They got someone's order wrong.

One user had a solution to this problem.

Someone got the feeling the person behind the message was a mom pleaser.

Another person was irritated at their marketing tactics.

Many people thought an intern messed up.

Or maybe it was the marketing guy.

Some people were feeling left out

One user was a KFC stan through and through.

This is almost certainly a marketing campaign but we have to say, it's pretty weird. Brands have been using the strangest strategies to get people's attention and McDonald's is no different. Remember that anday wala burger campaign the company did with Ali Gul Pir?

We aren't sure what they're marketing this time — perhaps a mint lemonade? — but the campaign has certainly piqued everyone's interest. What do you think the campaign is for?