For just 150 Dirhams, Dubai residents can get Pakistani mangoes delivered in a Lamborghini

Updated 01 Jun, 2021 04:07pm

Images Staff

That's just the cost of the mangoes. You get to a ride in the supercar for free.

Photo: Facebook/Pakistan Super Market
Photo: Facebook/Pakistan Super Market

People across the world love Pakistani mangoes and as our exports find their way to the UAE, residents are rushing to markets to get their hands on some authentic Pakistani produce. Some, however, are sitting tight at home and waiting for their mangoes to be delivered in a supercar.

'Mangoes in a Lamborghini' is a marketing campaign by the Pakistan Super Market in Dubai. As part of the campaign, customers can ask for their favourite fruit — of which more than half a dozen varieties are available — to be delivered in a Lambo, with a minimum order of three boxes, on a first come first serve basis. When the DHS 150 (or approximately Rs6,300) delivery arrives, the customer gets a short joyride in the Rs50 million supercar. The campaign was introduced last year and became an instant hit, reportedly doubling the sales of the fruit.

Jhanzeb Yaseen, the managing director at Pakistan Super Market Dubai, told the Khaleej Times he will launch the 'Mangoes in Lamborghini' service on June 1 in Dubai and his intention is to spread the message of love. He said they delivered around 1,100 boxes last year through this seasonal Lamborghini service. They have already received a number of enquiries for mango delivery through the supercar this year.

"We are confident of delivering more than 2,500 mango boxes through the Lamborghini service this season. We have received a very positive response from our last year’s campaign. It was an experience like none other as we have made so many unforgettable memories from our Mango in a Lambo campaign," he said.

"For many kids, it was the first time they were experiencing this and riding in a Lamborghini," Yaseen said.

The coolest thing about the campaign is that there are no additional charges for the special delivery vehicle. "We have decided not to raise the prices this year even though the expenses and logistics costs continue to rise. Even our Lamborghini delivery service is free for all," he said.

If you're in Dubai and would like a taste of this luxury, hit the store up on their Facebook page!

Speaking about Pakistani mangoes, he said they are a global favourite, while langra, sindhiri, anwar rattole and chaunsa are some of the most loved kinds. "The most demanded mango variety is definitely chaunsa. As we all know that mango is known as the king of fruits, so chaunsa known as king of mangoes," he said.