27 Jul, 2021

Social media users have been calling out Prime Minister Imran Khan for his silence on the Noor Mukadam murder and launching a tree plantation drive in Islamabad on Monday instead as the country cries out for justice for Noor and other victims of violence against women.

The prime minister has not tweeted about the murder of the 27-year-old woman.

One user said the entire nation wants the premier to comment on the situation.

Others were more harsh in their approach.

Some users felt he was ignoring people's issues.

Others went straight to the point.

One user just wanted a single comment from the premier.

Another felt there was something amiss.

Pass bills, urged one user, who thought tree plantation could wait.

Some users felt angered by his plantation campaign.

Others felt that the premier had sown the seeds of violence with his earlier comments linking vulgarity and women's clothing.

One user created a plan of action for him and his government.

People across the country are crying out for change after Mukadam's brutal murder. Women have been talking about how they feel unsafe and let down by the people who are supposed to protect them. Amidst all this, PM Imran's silence on the matter has angered many people who are looking to him for support and action.