Twitter calls for #JusticeForNoor and wonders when Pakistani women will be safe

Twitter calls for #JusticeForNoor and wonders when Pakistani women will be safe

This is the third brutal attack on a woman in Pakistan in the past couple of days.
21 Jul, 2021

It seems like every day there is a new hashtag informing us of another brutal act of violence against a Pakistani woman. Women get no respite from this never-ending cycle of violence and every day there is another example of how women are not safe.

On Tuesday, 27-year-old Noor Muqaddam, the daughter of the former ambassador to South Korea, was killed in Islamabad. According to the police, she was slaughtered after being shot at.

Twitter is currently filled with posts from people shocked at the murder and calling for justice for Noor.

It should be declared a national emergency, said one user. Perhaps someone will actually do something about it then.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt vowed that he wouldn't stop screaming until justice was served.

Singer Meesha Shafi sarcastically congratulated those who opposed the violence against women bill.

Other people noted that there had been three hashtags calling for justice for women victims of violence back to back. The first was for Quratulain and the second for Saima.

One user reminded us that, yes, all men.

Why do women need more rights, people ask. This is why.

This violence is a terrifying prospect women live in fear of every day.

This user reflected on the inherently unsafe world women live in.

Others were just in shock and disbelief.

Safety is a privilege and it can be snatched away at any time, reminded this user.

Don't confuse the issue, this was a murder, one user asserted.

Another questioned what the state of other cities is if Islamabad is this unsafe.

These users had reminders for everyone about how often this happens and how unsafe they feel.

There is very little left to say because every other day a brutal incident of violence against a woman is reported and no one is doing anything to stop it. We need action and we need it now because women are not safe. If their killers, harassers and abusers are not behind bars, women will never be safe and we need the government and our law enforcers to step up. Help protect your citizens and make this country safer for everyone.