Twitter isn't too impressed with the PM Office's unedited video of PM Imran's interview

Published 22 Jun, 2021 04:29pm

Images Staff

His office released its own version of the interview but people didn't see it helping the PM much.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's latest comments about an individual's clothing being linked to sexual assault are still ravaging social media. In a bid to address them, PM Office has released its own edit of the interview.

The video was specifically of the part where PM Imran was speaking about sexual assault of women and children and his belief that content on social and traditional media creates monsters out of regular humans.

Journalist Gharidah Farooqi face-palmed at this effort to 'untwist' the PM's words by not changing his words.

Journalist Jonathan Swan, the journalist who interviewed the PM for Axios, took note of this as well. He called it a "strange tactic", not being able to fathom how sharing the full length of their conversation on sexual violence helps the premier's cause. "But I am all for transparency," he noted.

"Which genius thought that the editing spin was the right way to go?" inquired baffled journalist Zebunnisa Burki, calling it the "worst kind of gas-lighting." In fact, she felt the edited portion actually protected the PM.

"What is Imran Khan if not a boomer drawing-room uncle given far too much power?" asked this user.

Comedian Shafaat Ali believes PM Imran and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi would be better off not speaking to the international media for a while.

This user compared the unedited version to the Snyder cut.

Does the video released by the PM Office change your opinion about the prime minister's words?