Riz Ahmed versus Eman Suleman: who does hair better?

Riz Ahmed versus Eman Suleman: who does hair better?

The model uploaded a video of her 'fixing' her husband's hair as the internet enters day 3 of Riz Ahmed chatter.
Updated 29 Apr, 2021

Who does hair better, Eman Suleman or Riz Ahmed? The model uploaded her contribution to the world's most random contest on Instagram after the British actor and rapper was seen fixing his wife, NYT best selling novelist Fatima Mirza's hair on the red carpet for the Oscars, an act of love that made the internet fall for him. Suleman thought two could play that game.

There was one slight complication with Suleman's attempt, though.

Did Suleman do more to fix her husband's look than Ahmed?

The internet didn't just erupt in awe of Ahmed and Mirza's marriage, and the 'love they share', but also found ways to be creative about it. You know how the internet works; it loves making jokes.

However, even the husband of the hour was not beyond criticism. Some people had completely different takes on the scene.

They argued that what he did was the bare minimum, and 'not a big deal', because it's regular behaviour. They slammed those singing his praises as applauding him far too much for minimal effort. Others, however, argue that Ahmed didn't really do anything. He touched her hair, did this and that, but but the end of it, it looked exactly as it did before.

Here's how this user saw Ahmed fixing his wife's hair, but not really doing much to change how she looks.

Remember when Japan redesigned its flag and it got a little redder? Yeah, us neither.

Ahmed and this guy out here really fighting for who can do less, this user thinks.

Too direct, hope you're ready.

You might think these people are trolls, trying to make joke out of a popular situation, but they say otherwise. Even upon multiple viewings, the fans' excitement meant nothing to them.

The bar for appreciation and fanfare that is.

The question remains: What is he trying to fix?

To be fair though, there are two sides of the coin, whether they like to acknowledge each other or not. One of them did though.

And with that, let's call it a day.


SAk Apr 29, 2021 12:58pm
What you trolls were thinking that he will pull out a comb and a hair straightener from his pocket... I found the gesture adorable.
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ssa Apr 29, 2021 02:40pm
who are these people, why do we keep getting news about them, who really care what hair styles they have, can you please publish something worthwhile, this is such a waste of space.
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Zulfiqar Apr 30, 2021 10:00am
This is probably the first and last time he fixed his wife’s hair in public or private!
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