Model Eman Suleman is getting married

Model Eman Suleman is getting married

The model took some major inspo from Hamza Ali Abbbasi for her engagement announcement.
25 Nov, 2019

Wedding bells will be ringing for Eman Suleman soon as the model announced her engagement on Sunday!

Suleman took to Instagram to share the happy news, in a familiar yet unconventional way:

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Writes Eman, "I wanted to wait till after jshaadi to make this announcement but since the news isn’t already out there and I‘m coveting some public attention, because that’s just the kind of person I am, I want you to know that I am marrying my non platonic friend of 3 months (full GF BF nonsense)."

She went on to talk about her engagement in a manner similar to Hamza Ali Abbasi's announcement, even wondering, "How did Hamza Ali Abbasi do this? I really thought my shaadi announcement would be better than a plagiarised essay. I really tried to refrain myself but I couldn’t help it. I never can."

Apart from the silly humour, Suleman made sure to let us all know that "Jamil and I are getting married. Looking forward to our time together... This is not a mockery, [it's the] truth. Our parents were like, tameez se shaadi karo."


TR Nov 25, 2019 05:20pm
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