Ayesha Omar gives us a crash course on royalties

Ayesha Omar gives us a crash course on royalties

The actor seeks to educate Pakistanis on how business and art interact via her Instagram Stories.
20 Apr, 2021

Unless you've been living under a rock, you must have heard all the celebrity noise on social media. They're asking for royalties, and they're asking for fair reward. They're asking to make money off their labor, money otherwise lining producers' pockets.

We would explain why and what is going on, but lucky for us, the internet annoyed Ayesha Omar enough for her to do our work for us today via her Instagram Stories.

Really, she saved us the effort of writing another article.

Settle down, the Ayesha Omar (Pocket) Business School is now in session.

Chapter 1: Introduction

It's business.

Chapter 2: Royalties and residuals.

Section 1: Royalties

What's a royalty?

No, not Queen Elizabeth.

Examples, for reference.

Where do royalties go? How?

Key takeaway.

Would've preferred Thai takeaway.

Section 2: Residuals

What're those?

Section 3: Differences between royalties and residuals.

Chapter 3: Critical examination of past thought.

(Read: Replying to comments received by other artists and Omar herself — hate and otherwise.)

Not understanding the terms, as you will soon realise, is a common problem, and the blame of people not knowing falls exclusively on those who'd much rather teach us what Mirza Ghalib's favourite fruit was.

Side note: respect everyone, guys.

There will be multiple side note moments today.

Please give to the poor.

Some people, however, have understood the matter much more clearly.

Point made, point received.

Sorry our instructor got kinda sidetracked with the next one. Generally, though you get her point.

Rational brain power versus rational brain power. Result is eternal unity of the absolutes.

Class dismissed.