A comprehensive bill is being prepared to give artists their due royalties, says Senator Faisal Javed

A comprehensive bill is being prepared to give artists their due royalties, says Senator Faisal Javed

Many celebrities such as Sami Khan, Ali Zafar, Zara Tareen and Sakina Samo took to social media to appreciate the move.
13 Apr, 2021

Despite the long list of titles under their names, actors in Pakistan do not get to reap the fruit of their labour in the long-run, given the no-royalty payments system in the country. But that's about to change now, as the PTI's Senator Faisal Javed Khan has taken note of the issue.

He announced some good news for the country's acting fraternity on Twitter.

"Most countries around the world give royalties/residuals to artists every time a show, their work, is re-run, a second time or more. However, sadly in Pakistan where many artists are already underpaid, there is no policy or law ensuring that artists be given financial credit for their work," he said.

He then added how it was crucial to build a framework, announcing that he was in touch with stakeholders who were working on a comprehensive bill to address this very issue.

"Therefore, it is very critical to fill the gaps and bring proper framework via amendments in legislation to ensure that our producers, artists get the rights to royalties. [I] am in touch with all stakeholders and IA a comprehensive bill is being brought soon to address this very important issue," he said.

Many stars, including Sami Khan, Ali Zafar, Zara Tareen and Sakina Samo, took to social media to appreciate the move, thanking the senator for acknowledging their grievances and taking a step towards positive growth.

Actor Mikaal Zulfiqar, who was also one of the primary reasons the issue of royalty payments received so much traction initially, thanked Senator Khan and assured him of full support from the acting fraternity.

"Thank you Senator Faisal Javed for taking up this issue. You have our full support!" he had said.

Previously in a conversation with Images, Zulfiqar had opened up about how the system of no royalty payments was a drawback for artists and their hard work in the long-run, putting them on the losing end of the spectrum.

"In the 90s, royalties were an option but at the time actors were being paid less. They decided to get a higher amount one-off and forgave that benefit in exchange. To date, it's the same formula," he sighed, revealing that everything is done from the channel's end, with even producers not getting paid much.

"Because we are not a regulated industry, there are so many issues," he had said.

Hopefully, that's going to change soon.


Fastrack Apr 13, 2021 12:16pm
Chrís Dăn Apr 13, 2021 01:25pm
An appreciable action
Ali da Malanga Apr 13, 2021 01:51pm
Right move to support the artist community.
Zak Apr 13, 2021 02:11pm
A compassionate PMIK will take care of all. The artists deserve it. Hope they start a pension fund and medical insurance as well for artist in old age and lean times.
Toni Apr 13, 2021 02:44pm
Great step, there are ongoing costs apart from setup costs for the artists.
AAA Apr 13, 2021 03:33pm
Priorities, the word PTI not know, as all their support is on social media and electronic media, so that's all they care about, this is where they invest most, who cares about how many died on road by hunger, as far as all shown good on media. P.S. all those whom are praising must know that PTI not giving them money from their pockets, it's our tax money, which is investing on selected few.