Meera Jee has a lesson to teach us on Instagram

Meera Jee has a lesson to teach us on Instagram

The celebrated actor said it is ultimately how one treats people that reveals their qualities, or lack thereof.
13 Apr, 2021

Last week an incendiary rumour broke out from some shady corner of the internet, and the next thing we knew, it was everywhere. News agencies were quick to report it, and they were so excited to report it that they forgot the due diligence that is part of their job. Your co-workers probably spoke about it around the water dispenser, friends around a cup of chai, family at the dinner table. It was noteworthy news, if true, which as we know now, it was not.

The rumour: The infamous Meera Jee had had a mental breakdown, finding herself institutionalised in an American asylum.

The source: Some flimsy transcript of her conversation with a doctor being forwarded on WhatsApp.

The fact: No such thing happened.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat star Imran Abbas was the first to speak out, taking to the internet and denying any truth to the rumor. His source? Meera Jee herself. She called him, informing him of the falsehood in the news, seriously upset about people's insensitivity with such 'practical jokes'.

Another 'celebrity' that decided to weigh in was Frieha Altaf. The something turned something else turned PR professional felt it was great PR for her to laugh at the news and upload a video of it on the internet. Finding it so hysterical, she felt it imperative to inform her yoga partners, with whom she was sitting atop a mountain.

Meera's post comes as, what we would assume, a passive aggressive notice of action for the insensitive people we live and die among. We can't fully imagine the hurt this entire episode would've caused her — or her mother, for that matter, who was very actively involved in it — but we understand the disappointment.

The post reads "No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all" and it's a message for all of us.

It's terrible to find yourself in such a fraternity, Meera Jee, surrounded by 'fans' who find great amusement in false rumours about one's mental health. Ha-ha Pakistan.