Meera explains what coronavirus is, in case you still don't know

Published 22 Mar, 2020 03:07pm

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The actor is extremely proactive in spreading awareness about Covid-19 and her video is going viral.

"Coronavirus is a virus that has gone to become a pandemic across the world," said Meera.
"Coronavirus is a virus that has gone to become a pandemic across the world," said Meera.

Covid-19 is rapidly spreading across the globe and has been the major topic of discussion for weeks.

While you may Google all the information on the coronavirus, read updates on the CDC website, check the World Health Organisation updates and maybe even follow Corona Busters on Twitter (they're actually pretty on point!) you still might need a little summarising in a familiar voice. And Meera is here for that.

The Baaji actor's video about the virus is going viral (sorry not sorry) on social media where she speaks about Covid-19, what it is and what counts as good preventative measures.

"Coronavirus is a virus," says Meera, which is extremely true... "that has gone to become a pandemic across the world."

She goes on to claim "The cause of this is behind the lack of hygiene practices in wet markets across China."

While this is a theory many have considered, it has still not been proven whether Covid-19 emerged from Wuhan's wet market.

According to Meera, "A solution to this would be halal eating and sanitation that would prevent this kind of behaviour."

Meera also participated in a PSA for PTV where she elaborated on preventative measures.

Currently the actor is on her way to Atlanta for an "Awareness health program."

She made sure to take the necessary precautions while traveling and also letting people know that this does not mean she endorses travel during this hour.

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Said Meera, "Please stay at home. I have reason to go. I have a request to all of you please don’t go out... sit at home."

She went on to say, "Prevention is better than cure. Stay safe! Stay home."

Looks like Meera will have a lot more information once she is done with the program! Till then let's all listen to Baaji and practice social distancing for the better.