Saheefa Jabbar Khattak calls out people criticising her for selling her used clothes online

Published 08 Apr, 2021 12:12pm

Images Staff

"I pray that those tongues that spew poison are turned as sweet as gulab jamun," she said.

Model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak knows that great clothes should be shared and held a thrift sale on her Instagram account to do just that. While a few people got the opportunity to buy some expensive clothes at lower prices, some were angry at her for holding the sale at all.

Khattak, who was understandably confused with the hate she was receiving for a harmless sale, posted a series of Instagram Stories where she said she was appalled at the negative messages she was receiving for cleaning out her wardrobe.

The clothes that were collected from various stores such as Zara and New Look were mostly barely worn.

"Hello jee, I hope you're all doing well, and those who aren't, I pray God grants you good health," she began.

"So the thing is, when I posted stories regarding selling my clothes yesterday, quite a few people messaged me with a lot of questions. At first I was confused whether I should be addressing them or not, but then I thought it would be a good idea to answer them, incase anyone's left with a misunderstanding," she added.

The model then went on reveal that some of the messages were quite nasty.

"Why are you selling your clothes if you're so rich? Does your husband not buy you new clothes? Oh girl, who's going to buy your used clothes in such exorbitant prices? Its better you donate these clothes to someone needy instead. Don't you have any shame selling these clothes so overpriced?" she listed.

Khattak then prepared a list of answers for her haters.

"Is it necessary that one has to announce in advance before partaking in a good deed? Is it necessary that any action a public figure takes has to be met with negative criticism first? What does a less fortunate person have to do with branded clothes? He's rather be fed. What do you want me to do, feed a poor person my clothes?"

She then went on to reveal the reason behind hosting the thrift sale in the first place. "Honestly, my only aim is to make a profit out of the clothes I'm selling — the more money I collect — the more I can donate." She then added a note saying how the dollar was on fire when she initially bought the clothes.

Khattak then wondered why when people had the option to block, unfollow and delete what they didn't like to see on their timelines they weren't using it.

She said she had sold some items. "Can't thank all the lovely buyers in the world, you came as a blessing for me," she said, revealing that "every single penny will be going to charity."

Asking the audience not to be too quick to judge, Khattak then made a small prayer for the people criticising her and wished them a lovely month of Ramazan.

"Like every year, I pray Allah melts the hearts of all his people, He softens them, makes them bloom like flowers, and those tongues that spew poison are turned as sweet as gulab jamun."

Even if she wasn't donating the money to charity, there's nothing wrong with selling your old clothes. Selling them means someone else gets the chance to buy expensive clothes that they might not have been able to afford otherwise. Khattak's detractors seem to think selling clothes is a sign of poverty or greed, but they're quite mistaken. Thrifting clothes is an environmentally sustainable thing to do and not shameful in the least. Instead of wasting money on buying new clothes, we could all do with thrifting and reduce the burden on our planet.