It’s Shafqat Mahmood versus Waqar Zaka when it comes to national decisions on final exams

It’s Shafqat Mahmood versus Waqar Zaka when it comes to national decisions on final exams

The host has warned the education minister he will regret his decision.
Updated 07 Apr, 2021

After Asim Azhar standing in solidarity with Pakistani students at a time when many are worried sick about their final exams, the latest high-profile personality to speak up for students is host Waqar Zaka. Only, his words of support read more like a threat.

Students, who have been calling on the government to postpone examinations, are protesting the constant fluctuations in their schedules, with sudden institution closures and incomplete syllabi adding to their plight.

However, after the education minister’s announcement that no adjustments would be made to examination schedules and students should start preparing instantly, Zaka responded to him with a one-liner that seems to have itched a lot of funny bones on the internet.

"You will regret it," the former Living On the Edge host posted.

Following this, there was an outpouring of memes on Twitter, with fans having a good laugh at Zaka's threat. Here are some of the funniest posts we found online.

Some thought it was time for the villain to be unleashed

While others just thought the scene was funny

Some were picking sides

While others were ready for a showdown

Support was garnered

And some took it to heart

Respect was rightfully demanded

Not okay, kids

This is not the first time the host is raising his voice for his young fans. Zaka had questioned Prime Minister Imran Khan on the grounds decisions about student examinations were being made by the education ministry.

"Sir Imran Khan, when these countries are not allowing Cambridge exams then why isn't Shafqat Mahmood doing the same? Why do you want students to suffer in protest?" he exclaimed, adding that Tech Movement Pakistan, an organisation that he is chairing, will be supporting them.