Students in Sindh and Balochistan want to know why Shafqat Mahmood doesn't love them

Students in Sindh and Balochistan want to know why Shafqat Mahmood doesn't love them

Schools in Covid hotspots are closing down and students in other areas are asking why they aren't being made to stay home.
24 Mar, 2021

Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, students have been in a conundrum. Between regulating their academic careers and avoiding risks to their health, the year has been chaotic for them.

Recently, Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood announced that educational institutes in areas with a high incidence of Covid-19 will remain closed till April 11. However, since "the number of cases in Sindh, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan is relatively low," he left it to the provincial governments to decide whether schools should be closed in their jurisdictions.

Naturally, reactions across the country were mixed, with students in Sindh, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan asking why they weren't being allowed to stay home during the risky third-wave of the pandemic.

Between struggling with online learning, missing out on lessons, deteriorating mental health and an overall troubled academic year — here's how the some students are reacting to the news.

Some celebrations were underway

Or not....

Two provinces are straight up salty

While others have their fingers crossed

Some shots were fired

And some hopes were high


Students are also calling for the cancellation of exams, including O and A Level papers, due to the pandemic. They argue that other countries have cancelled their exams, so it's only fair that Pakistan do the same.

The issue of schools being open during the pandemic has been a hot topic all year round and will probably continue to be until the pandemic is finally over.


Thinking Mar 24, 2021 06:21pm
This minister looks so much like anand mahindra, from mahindra group
Younus Mar 24, 2021 06:33pm
They should let to take Mock in Sargodha if weddings are allowed in open space what is wrong with exams at open spaces somebody needs to apply mind here pl
sumaiya Mar 24, 2021 08:12pm
asalamualaikum!! plz cancel the caies exam of olevels and closed the schools of Sindh because in sindh cases are also high and many of the students are suffering from it. So are unable to study for their exams. I beg u to cancel the caies exams of olevels and closed karachi's school. I hope you will implement on this . jazakillah!!
Burhanuddin Mar 24, 2021 08:19pm
The schools should close for Sindh and Balochistan as well, or are they waiting for COVID to spread so they can close educational institutions
Paddy Mar 24, 2021 08:45pm
Punjab always getting preferential treatment.
Chrís Dăn Mar 24, 2021 08:46pm
18th amandment has tied habds of this nice minister. Sindh needs a French Revolution.
Iqbal Aswani Mar 24, 2021 11:33pm
@Paddy Don't spread racism. Under 18th Amendment. Sindh to decide this issue. If Saeed Ghani wants to keep open the institutes then Shafqat Mahmood cannot be blamed. After all, PPP is the biggest force behind 18th Amendment because they know, Sindh gone, all gone.
Ali Mar 25, 2021 06:35am
But exams in universities should not be cancelled as the final date has been announced But now it's so disappointing
raza Mar 25, 2021 08:07am
@Younus ok boomer
K A Abbasi Mar 25, 2021 10:29am
Quite hilarious!
yumna Mar 25, 2021 05:31pm
mulk k saray students ek hi tarah consider kiye janay chaiye. why sindh & baluchistan always neglected. kya yahan corona k panjay garhny ka wait ho raha hai????? kisi school maykoi SOPs follow nai ho rahay. Over crowded hain schools. gov serequest hai k phly corona ko maximum contain krlain phr us k baad ek hi dafa poray mulk k schools on krain. kindly koi sahi aur mature decission lain regardings schools.
Huma Mar 25, 2021 07:07pm
This Nation don't want to study only wants holidays
Jahangir_Ahmed Mar 25, 2021 07:46pm
They are asking that the areas where is very big amount of COVID 19 cases are only seal and ask that the area where is less amount of positive cases are not close so they are waiting for the areas where is the less amount become a hotspot of COVID 19 ( THANKS )
Shamylla Yaser Mar 25, 2021 10:41pm
Is it all about students? What about teachers who are risking their lives ?
Duraar Mar 25, 2021 11:49pm
Shafqat mahmood sahib nay kaha hai k balochistan main corona na hone ke barabar hai tu shafqat sahib balochistan main her cheez gas bijli pane atta cheene medicine or corona testing kits bhi na hone k barabar hai humme yeh bhi nahi pata corona hai kiya.balochistan aik yateem province hai.
Doctor Mar 26, 2021 12:42am
Shame full nation.... destroyed education system totally with planning.....Alllahhh bless us from their evil eye...
Ahmad Hayat Mar 26, 2021 01:03am
@Younus your opinion is good but see from August till may hardly 4 months school are open and 5 months closed and in thise days online classes were started. You tell me how we can cover up our syllabus. Matric and FSC syllabus is reduced to almost 50 to 60 percent and for O and A level it's same. It's unfair for us. In UK they are not taking exams and in several other countries then why not us.We are human too. How you can say that sitting in open air will we can't get covid. Ok, if school were closed them we can go to tuition centres they were closed to. In O and A level we students need complete guide line from teachers which we didn't get. It's totally unfair for us. If we are demanding cancellation of exams we have our reasons too. And solid reasons.