Asim Azhar is standing with Pakistan's students

Asim Azhar is standing with Pakistan's students

He has asked Shafqat Mahmood to find the best possible solution to their problems.
06 Apr, 2021

A student not too long ago himself, musician Asim Azhar is expressing solidarity with Pakistani students who are campaigning to get their annual examinations delayed due to the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.

He used the trending hashtag #Examscancelkaro and explained how the unfortunate situation has affected students' study routines, with most educational institutions still unable to cover their entire syllabus.

"Students have really been disturbed due to the ongoing pandemic causing the institutes to close/open again and again," he said.

"I personally know some students that haven’t been able to complete their syllabuses as well. Please do something and stand in solidarity with the students."

Reassuring them that he understands exactly what they're going through, the Jo Tu Na Mila singer then pointed out how he would have been going through a similar anxiety-ridden situation if it wasn't for his music career.

"I understand your stress and pain guys. If I wasn't playing music right now, I would've been crying with exams on my head too... so I understand," he said, adding he was sure Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood would stand with the youth and find the best possible solution.

The singer also tried to find solutions to the problem, asking students if they would be satisfied with a postponed date, which would give them more time to study.

"I just wanna know.. if the exams aren’t cancelled, would you guys still be happy if they’re postponed? So everyone can get more time to prepare?" he asked.

Students across Pakistan have been calling for the government to postpone exams due to the coronavirus situation. They say the constant fluctuations between in-person and online classes coupled with sudden closures have made it harder for them to learn. The NCOC is set to meet today (Tuesday) to decide on the fate of in-person schooling.

It's refreshing to see that Pakistan's students have someone to stand up for them and their issues. Young celebrities like Azhar aren't as far removed from the situation as older celebrities and people are, so it's easier for them to relate to students.