Ooh Lala, Shahid Afridi just launched his own skincare line

Published 24 Mar, 2021 05:01pm

Images Staff

The products are marketed towards both men and women.

A wise man once said, 95% of your selfie is your skin and for local celebrities who all seem to be hopping on the skincare product trend, there seems to be no going back.

Following the launch of Aijaz Aslam, Ayesha Omar and Waseem Badami's namesake lines, the latest popular name to hop on the beauty bandwagon is cricketer and star Shahid Afridi who recently unveiled his brand Ooh Lala. The name is obviously a winner.

Boom Boom announced the news to his followers on Pakistan Day.

"On this Pakistan Day, I am bringing 'Ooh Lala' from the world of Hopecare10," he said. "Ooh Lala offers premium quality personal care products for both men and women so they feel confident and shine like a star!"

The message was accompanied by a video of the cricketer endorsing the products himself. It showed a face wash, shampoo and hairspray. Remember when Afridi was the face (or hair) of Head and Shoulders? Lala will forever be remembered for his floppy locks and maybe that's why he moved on with is own line for both men and women.

When you're one of Pakistan's most beloved cricket heroes, putting your face on any product will make it an instant success. Throw in a catchy name and it's sure to be a winner. But with so many Pakistani celebrities, especially the men, putting out skincare lines, we wonder if the country has a big enough market for these products. Pakistan is currently spoiled for choice, but will that spoil the chances of the brands' success?