25 Feb, 2021

To go or not to go back to school — a question for the ages.

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood announced on Thursday that schools in Pakistan would all be reopening and following their old schedules. They were forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic and some later opened with reduced timings and others online.

"Important announcement. All schools will go back to regular five day classes from Monday, March 1. Restrictions imposed in some major cities on schools to conduct staggered classes was only till Feb 28," he posted.

"This announcement applies to every educational institution in the designated cities where restrictions had been imposed. Allah SWT's infinite mercy that we are returning to normal."

The information was met with mixed reactions from students in Pakistan, who, naturally, feel distraught at the constant changes in their schedules. They were initially pulled out of school, then made to sit through online classes before being put back into school but being asked to come in on alternate days to avoid too many children in one class.

Some asked the real questions

While others were straight up confused

Hostel kids were grateful

While some knew it was an end to their pawri

Some personal attacks were made

And some observations too

It is what it is