Komal Rizvi is back with a new drama

Updated 19 Feb, 2021 03:31pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The show also stars Juvaria Abbasi and Danyal Zafar and will air in Ramazan.

Singer turned actress Komal Rizvi is going to be back on our TV screens very soon.

She updated fans on her new drama via social media. Rizvi hasn't been in any dramas for the past few years.

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Rizvi's newest project is a drama serial directed by Saife Hasan. She told Images that she plays Juvaria Abbasi's younger sister-in-law and Danyal Zafar's young aunt in a special family Ramazan serial for Hum TV.

I introduce Danyal (who plays the character of Zain) to his wife Zoya, played by Alizeh Shah, she said. "And I'm always defending her and trying to help her with her mother-in-law Fauzia (Juvaria Abbasi) who is generally a good woman but a difficult and typical saasu maa," she explained.

Rizvi was part of a number of hit TV shows on PTV. She started her singing career in 1999 at the age of 16 with her debut song 'Bauji Bauji Bhangra Sade Naal Paoji', which became an overnight hit.

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Her debut drama Hawaain was released in 1997 and she went on to act in Lehrein Kabhi Kabhi, Teesra Peher and Samandar Hai Darmiyan. She also hosted shows such as Karachi Nights With Komal, Mornings With Komal on Hum TV and Nachley for ARY.

She was also featured on Coke Studio where she performed a rendition of 'Daney Pey Danah'.

She also launched a skincare line called TrulyKomal, which recently announced a collaboration with cricketer Shoaib Malik.