Komal Rizvi is documenting the chef within her with a YouTube channel called Komal's Kitchen.

The singer and television show host took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news.

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"Hello my lovelies! Just launched a brand new YoTtube Channel called Komal's Kitchen and the very first episode is out now!" a very cheerful Komal posted.

"If you want to know how to make Chicken Qorma (shadiyon wala fantastic mazaa) or how to make restaurant style Sheermal at home, or if you're just curious to see whether I can really cook or not (lol) then please do watch it, and do not forget to subscribe. Mondays and Thursdays!"

Speaking about the passion project, Komal shared how she has been extremely passionate about cooking since a very young age, but never had the time to pursue it due to her music career and other professional commitments.

"In fact, when I was 11 years old, I actually burnt my entire face because I insisted on trying my hand at making pakoras," the musician divulged in a conversation with Images.

"I had to be medically airlifted from Nigeria to London to have my face treated. Luckily they were just first degree burns, and it took six weeks for me to recover, so that's how crazy I was about cooking."

The lockdown made her post videos on Instagram and she received massive requests to share her recipes.

"I thought, how on Earth am I going to share recipes, I had no platform or forum. So literally this is a one man shoot because of corona and lack of people, and very casual. The goal is very personalised, I talk about my family, about my love for cooking - there is no formal theme to it."

The star also mentioned how she has a culinary arts diploma from London that she completed when she was a 21-year-old.

"I was also selected for MasterChef USA 2019 as one of the 20 home chefs shortlisted but I couldn't do it because my green card was giving me some issues at the time so I had to withdraw literally one day before they started filming. "

She said she will be going into details because she wants beginners to try and attempt the food that she makes.

Well we're waiting for a mughlai biryani recipe next!