How did Truly Komal come into being? The singer shares all.
How did Truly Komal come into being? The singer shares all.

We've proclaimed our love for local beauty brands time and time again.

Be they related to makeup or skincare, the appeal of products made keeping our skin concerns in mind is massive. Also, the lack of customs hassles and shipping making the cost lower is an added factor that fills us with glee.

Komal Rizvi has joined in our roster of skincare brands by launching her line Truly Komal.

Speaking to Images, the singer revealed that she had been been "obsessed with skin care since childhood".

"When my friends would be saving up for bags and shoes, I'd be saving up for expensive creams."

Komal's decision to start her our brand came from a reason we can all relate to: the inability to find qood quality at a decent price point.

"I noticed that in Pakistan, brands that are healthy, safe to use, high quality are extremely expensive, and then there are the generic bands which are not effective at all. The more affordable skincare products are full of toxins and bleach. I'd been noticing this for quite a few years and I wanted to do something about it but being a singer and actor with a background in computer science, it was just very overwhelming and daunting."

But did that stop Komal? Not at all as the actor decided to go ahead and find out what she could do to make Truly Komal happen.

"A year ago, I met a dermatological chemist in Canada and she encouraged me to go for this. So along with some chemists in Canada, I developed all these formulas that are safe and good for South Asian skin and specifically formulated for glowing, even, skin."

Komal revealed she took her formulas to a laboratory in Spain that was known to sell to high-end brands that she would not name.

"Those brands had products starting at Rs15,000 but I aim to have my range be Rs1,800 - Rs3,000. I've tried to keep my products as affordable and effective as possible."

For now, Komal has three products that look out for your skin's basic needs; hydration, moisturisation and damage protection. This is Truly Komal's Starlight series, which will soon have a face wash and scrub joining in to complete the regime.

"The reason I chose these three products - a serum, a moisturiser and a sunblock - is because they are fundamental for anyone's skin care regime. No one should leave the house without sunblock on!"

While we agree with Komal about the importance of a proper skincare regime with the right products, we were a little dismayed that Komal's moisturiser is called a 'whitening cream.' While Komal has clarified that this is a hydrating product aiming to even out pigmentation, we really hoped 2019 would be the year where brands wouldn't have to market products as whitening.

Komal made a point about how her products are different from many organic beauty brands.

"Strawberries crushed in a jar are great but their efficacy is nowhere near as close to extrapolating the chemical from said strawberry, hyper concentrating it and condensing it in a bottle. There's a massive difference. So this whole mania of hundred percent natural skin care is great, but naturally derived chemicals which are hyper concentrated, made in a lab are much more effective than putting a banana on your face or yogurt in your hair.

Considering we search for products according to our skin's need and what ingredient would suit it best (raise your hand if you need your vitamin C), this definitely makes sense to us. Taking the very element from the natural ingredient that is benefiting your skin and making it the star of a skincare product is just what we want.

Komal also happily added that her range is cruelty free, safe for all and suits all skin types. Since her brand's launch, the singer reported that "the response to Truly Komal has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm very happy."