Updated 15 Feb, 2021

Singer and philanthropist Abrar Ul Haq has announced that he will be building a school in Ali Sadpara’s village to honour the missing mountain climber.

Haq announced on Twitter on Monday that Sadpara's dream was to build a school in his village. To honour that dream, he will be building the schools, the singer announced.

Sadpara is a celebrated Pakistani mountaineer who went missing on an expedition on K2. He and two other climbers, Juan Pablo Mohr and John Snorri Sigurjonsson, were last seen nine days ago on Feb 5 near the Bottleneck area of K2.

Poor weather over the past week has hindered an on-ground and aerial search for the mountaineers.

Since then, the entire nation has been praying for Sadpara, often described by his peers as a tough as nails climber with a good-humoured nature. As days have passed and the weather conditions remain a challenge, people are trying their best not to lose hope and are counting on a miracle to bring Sadpara back home.

Many people commended Haq's move and others offered help. One person suggested building a hiking school instead.

The search for Sadpara and the other climbers is still continuing, though it has been slowed down by inclement weather.