The ultimate baked French toast recipe you didn’t know you needed

The ultimate baked French toast recipe you didn’t know you needed

The best part? The recipe requires that everything is prepared and refrigerated overnight and popped into the oven in the morning.
02 Jan, 2021

When I came across this baked French toast recipe, I was a bit apprehensive about it, not too sure how it might meet the fussy taste buds of our family since they were not a big fan of the microwave French toast I had made earlier.

So I halved the original recipe and had only one layer of bread slices instead of the two recommended.

But I should not have been worried because this version of the French toast is absolutely delicious and such a lovely warm breakfast for the chilly winter mornings these days.

And the best part was that the recipe required that everything is prepared and kept refrigerated overnight and then popped into the oven in the morning. Just ideal for when there are guests and a lot needs to be done.

I halved the recipe while making, but I am going to write the original version so that when you all try it, it is sure to come out well. So happy cooking!


• 1/2 cup melted butter

• 1 cup brown sugar

• 1 loaf sliced white bread (10-12 slices)

• 4 eggs

• 1 1/2 cup milk

• 1 tablespoon vanilla

• 2 tablespoon brown sugar

• 2 teaspoon cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius.

Grease a 9 x 13 pan. I didn’t have that so I used an oblong glass baking dish.

Beat together eggs, milk and vanilla. Set aside.

Take four tablespoons of brown sugar and put aside. Combine melted butter and brown sugar in a small bowl and then spread into the bottom of your prepared pan/dish.

Put one layer of bread on top of the butter and brown sugar mixture. Make sure the whole bottom of the pan is covered. Then pour half of your egg mixture on top of the bread layer and sprinkle with half of the brown sugar and cinnamon.

Add another layer of bread. Pour the rest of the egg mixture on top and sprinkle with the rest of the cinnamon and brown sugar.

Cover tightly with plastic cling film and chill in the refrigerator overnight. Ideally, an aluminium foil would be more suitable as that can keep it airtight in the refrigerator and it can remain intact while baking as the baking requires that it is done while the dish is covered initially. I didn’t have aluminium foil so I used cling film in the fridge and a pot lid in the oven.

In the morning, bake the French toast, covered, for 30 minutes and then uncovered for 10-15 more minutes. If desired, sprinkle with powdered sugar just before serving.

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