'Delicious track and video': The Meesha Shafi and Mughal-e-Funk collab is here

Published 25 Dec, 2020 04:10pm

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"Going back to my sufi, indie music roots with this delicious track and video," says Meesha.

What happens when the great Amir Khusro's poetry is combined with some electrifying vocals plus the Sway Dance Project ? A much-needed musical fusion trip.

Musical group Mughal-e-Funk's latest video Sakal Ban Phool Rahi Sarson featuring Meesha Shafi's powerful vocals and a kaleidoscopic sequence is here as the cherry on top to this musical December.

"Going back to my sufi, indie music roots with this delicious track and video," said Shafi.

"Making this track and video has given me so much joy! Just like the message of the song. It’s a time to feel alive. To celebrate. To dance. A time to welcome in new beginnings with open arms and an open heart."

The Waar actor had earlier shared a sneak peak for her fans.

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She also gave a special shoutout to film director Umar Riaz for "making the video a celebration of all things desi, but with but a smoking hot, sultry, modern twist!"

Many, including celebs Ayesha Omar and Sonya Hussyn, cheered the star on.

Meesha has been on a roll this season with musical hits; her Coke Studio 2020 season opener Na Tutteya Ve, revolving around the toll of microaggressions faced by women, was received well by fans.

"This particular song is talking about equality from a woman's perspective, using punjabi shayiri to convey the message," Meesha had said in its promotional video. "There's no aggression, just a beautiful message by a woman who has been labelled a rehmat by God Himself."

Then came Meesha's interpretation of the late Nazia Hasan’s Boom Boom for Velo Sound Station that proved to be even more popular.

Earlier this month, we proclaimed it was Meesha's week; turns out it's Meesha's month!