Meesha Shafi and Abdullah Siddiqui shot their new music video on iPhones in lockdown

Updated 08 Sep, 2020 11:01am

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Magenta Cyan depicts what's it's like to lose one's own identity in a toxic relationship and what happens in its aftermath

A hypnotic depiction of being way in over our heads - and slightly out of mind at the same time, Meesha Shafi and Abdullah Siddiqui’s Maganta Cyan is the quirky collaboration the world needed.

Shot in monochrome through the lens of Nariman Ansari, the video is both sensitive and vulnerable; it’s rhythm, bass and haunting sound reiterating what a destructive aftermath of toxic love leaves us feeling.

Edited by the young maestro himself, Siddiqui’s new track's video is over 5 minutes long, subtly showcasing what its like to lose one's identity during a toxic relationship. The duo shot the video entirely on their iPhones during lockdown.

Taking to Instagram, Shafi too, announced to fans and followers what the new song was all about.

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"There is beauty in pain.... but once we start drowning in it, we lose our sense of self," the singer stated. "Toxic love teaches us so much. About what we want but more importantly, what we don’t want. But to get to that point, one has to first survive it. And find one’s way back to clarity."