A story of resilience and unbroken hearts, Coke Studio's 2020 season opener is here, featuring the powerful vocals of Meesha Shafi and we can't stop playing on repeat.

With three songs unveiled by producer Rohail Hyatt all at once, the season opened with a bang, including three powerful tracks Na Tutteya Ve, Jaag Rahi and Dil Khirki out for the anticipating audiences.

Packed in an all-women performance were vocals lended by Sanam Marvi, Fariha Pervez, Zara Madani, Wajiha Naqvi and Sehar Gul Khan alongside Shafi, elevating the melody and rhythm like no other.

Speaking about the toll of micro-aggressions that women, especially working women, have to face every day and how there is strength in vulnerability, Na Tutteya Ve is a masterpiece written by Asim Raza.

"This particular song is talking about equality from a woman's perspective, using punjabi shayiri to convey the message," said Shafi in the promotional video. "There's no aggression, just a beautiful message by a woman who has been labelled a rehmat by God Himself."

"To explain it simply, this is an awaami female anthem. Many women will relate to it."

Talking about recording during a pandemic, Hyatt too, opened up about what would be different this time around.

“I don’t think the conscience can handle anyone contracting the virus [during the recording], dying or passing it on to others,” he said, adding that they decided to get people to record at their homes.

“Which is why, this time, there are no regional artists at all. There are no regional languages either. You’ll find all urban artists only.”

In a short span of time, the artists had to install and learn how to use new recording software on their phone. All of the rehearsals were done remotely.

“I had a mobile recording unit that I would’ve sent to everybody’s homes, which they would’ve recorded [their final takes] on and then send forward,” he revealed.

For the videos, they had planned for the artists to record themselves using their mobile phones. But the lockdown lifted just in time for them to travel to do just their final takes.

Season 2020 of Coke Studio has 12 songs, 12 artists, half of which are male and half female. Four of the 12 will be making their debut in the mainstream.

“Four experimental artists, four established,” added Rohail. “The scale is smaller. Everything is live. But it is real. That’s the soul of Coke Studio. It can’t be lip synced.”

Most importantly. all of the songs featured this season are originals. There is not a single cover song.

We can't wait to see what's next!