In a rather hasty and emotional press conference held at the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, veteran actor Meera decided to clear the air regarding some accusations made at her character through a source unmentioned.

"Have the patience to listen," she calmly advised as the media started to get anxious as to why the conference was being held in the first place.

"Some people are accusing a real-life heroine like me," she remarked.

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"My house is not a shelter home, it is my house, I live in it. I'm the superstar of Pakistan, I'm the heroine of Pakistan. In films and in real life, I live in the character of a heroine," the Baaji actor claimed, still unclear about exactly what she was referring to.

Unfazed when unable to make out words from the script in her hand, she said: "It doesn't matter. Go ahead and laugh. It will make the headlines," she said in response to chuckles.

Saying that her 'only fault' was doing favours for people for the sake of humanity, Meera further added that she was "a good daughter, a good friend, a good sister, pure, virtuous, innocent and an extremely good human being".

She then revealed that she was "accused of fund-raising through making someone else".

Meera also contested that if the allegations against her were proven to be true, "I will hang myself," quickly apologising for the dramatic statement and reinstating that she was a heroine — both on and off screen.