After Meera's plea to PM Imran Khan to help her return to Pakistan, rumours started to float around of it all being a lie.

According to the grapevine, Meera had lied about being in New York and needing assistance to return home. However, Meera has denied these rumours and called out those spreading false information.

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Meera shared, "In my video, I had asked requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring me home. As a Pakistani, it is my right."

She called out those twisting her story and referred to their act as inappropriate.

"This is not the time to mock or ridicule people."

She clarifed, "The Pakistan embassy in New York knows of my whereabouts and I am grateful to Council General Ayesha Ali [for her help so far]."

"Even yesterday around 500 people died due to coronavirus in New York, of which I am very scared," alleged the actor.

She added that upon returning to Pakistan she hopes to do her part by helping those affected by the virus.