The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is making rounds and model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is one of the many names who have unfortunately been affected by it.

Using social media to confirm the news with her fans and followers, Jabbar posted a short note on her official Instagram account.

"Covid positive. Send little love, prayers and flowers our way."

"I had a terrible headache four days ago but since I faced the exact same issue a month ago too, got tested and it came out negative; I thought this was the same or because of the smog in Lahore," Khattak revealed in a conversation with Images.

"We actually got to know this from Khwaja Sahab," she added, saying that her husband was suffering from fever on and off, until he finally complained of loss of smell. "We thought he was being paranoid but he tested positive."

Khattak also added that her symptoms included nausea, and feelings of claustrophobia. "Even when I sit on my balcony, I find difficulty in breathing and feel very weak. Khawaja sahab has fever and body ache."

Previously, singer Jawad Ahmed, Usman Mukhtar, Ameer Gillani and model Farwa Kazmi too, tested positive for the virus, the latter of whom received backlash for participating in Hussain Rehar's solo show.

We wish the couple a speedy recovery!