Model Farwa Ali Kazmi reveals she's Covid positive

Published 29 Oct, 2020 12:03pm

Images Staff

Adding that she had initially ignored symptoms during Hussain Rehar's show over the weekend, she regretted her decision instantly

It's officially the world premiere of 'Do I have coronavirus or am I just suffering from seasonal flu?'

Model Farwa Ali Kazmi recently announced that she had tested positive for Covid-19, requesting everyone who has come in recent contact with her, to isolate themselves.

"I am Covid positive. Everyone who has been in touch with me or Ali in the past week please quarantine yourself," she asked.

Adding that she had initially ignored the symptoms mistaking them for a common flu, Kazmi regretted her decision instantly.

"All those with cough, body-aches and headaches but no fever; please get yourself tested. I had delayed it thinking its seasonal cold, but its not."

She then proceeded to list down her symptoms including migraine, severe body-aches, slight nausea, as well as loss of taste, smell and appetite.

Receiving backlash for attending the Hussain Rehar solo show and exposing herself to countless other names from the industry, Farwa responded to angry users saying she was only coughing at the time of the show, which wasn't enough of a scare to go get tested.

Super spreader event, but make it fashion, people criticised.

"I showed only one symptom a week back at the show which was cough and is not enough for anybody to go and get themselves tested for corona," protested Kazmi. "Stop blaming people for something they're not aware of. If I had flu-like symptoms I would have gotten myself tested before."

Adding that work is not more important than health, Farwa objected that she had been in strict quarantine for months, and therefore missing one show would not have been an issue for her.

"I am very well aware of my responsibility towards others," she dismissed, saying that having had two cases in the previous wave, she knows exactly how the protocol works.