Recently, Syed Shaheer Ali, a Karachiite, shared a chilling account of being followed and harassed by a group of men inside the Karachi University (KU) campus.

He wrote about how the harassers on bikes chased him and his friends, demanding they hand over their female friend; all inside the university premises.

"As we ran and reached near the boys' hostel, they came again and surrounded us forcing me to stop the car. That's when they came to the car's window banging and screaming "Larki ko bahar nikaal, gaari roukk, bahar aa" (Get the girl out, stop the car, get out), he recounted.

While one cannot fathom the gravity of the consequences that would have followed if the harassers had managed to catch up with Ali, many on Twitter condemned the incident, exhausting their demands for safety, yet again:

The youth is fearful

Women's safety cannot wait

Some recalled their own experiences

Others raised questions on competence and compliance

Immediate action was demanded

Punish the culprits, they said