This 13-year-old has the most wholesome YouTube channel ever

This 13-year-old has the most wholesome YouTube channel ever

Young Usman Rafique is a vlogger from Lahore who is bound to put a smile on your face.
Updated 06 Jul, 2020

Can we all just agree that this pandemic is really taking a toll on us all?

We're seeing it all over social media. We're tired, exhausted and really concerned about what the future holds for us. Sure, we're trying to stay positive but there are times the frustration gets too much. So it's safe to say we're looking for all the wholesome content we can to keep us going.

And looks like we found just what we needed from a 13-year-old vlogger in Lahore.

Usman Rafique caught our attention recently with his adorable YouTube channel called 'Middle Class Usman Rafique' and it's about time he gets the attention he deserves!

An earlier video of his has started making the rounds on social media again where he shares a day in his life (pre-coronavirus times) going to school.

And he has fans!

Speaking to Images, the young YouTuber shared that he has always had support from his family for his channel.

"Everyone around me that has a phone has subscribed to me for support," he said.

Usman also revealed to Images how he decided to start 'Middle Class Usman Rafique.'

"One day I was studying at home and took a break to watch some YouTube videos and I saw Cassey Neistat which made me think why can't I do this? I spoke to my cousin and asked him if I could and he said yes and set up the channel. After that, I started making videos. My cousin helps me a lot."

Usman started out with reaction videos and then grew to vlogging, sharing fun tidbits from his life such as a Sunday routine or mini food reviews of his favourite snacks in Lahore.

"I wish I could upload a video everyday but editing takes a lot of time so that's why I made three videos a week."

And you'll be happy to know that at this point he has 62 videos on his channel. Talk about hustle!

He added, "When I was younger, I had many goals like to be a pilot or a doctor or a soldier, but as I grew older, I learned more and more about what to do. My real goal in life is to be happy."

Usman has slowly been growing his following with his delightful content, to the point that he even shared a sweet Q & A session where he answered his most asked questions.

With times being as trying as they are, we're glad Usman Rafique is out there trying to put a smile on our faces - and succeeding!