Salman Ahmad says he may have coronavirus

Updated 04 Apr, 2020 07:44pm

Musician Salman Ahmad took to Twitter to inform his fans that he most likely has coronavirus.

Ahmad is currently in self-quarantine among family in New York, the centre of the largest coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

"Friends, the bad news first: according to my doc Ibelli, I’m probably #COVID19 positive. Will test soon. The good news is that I have mild flu-like symptoms. I’m self quarantining in NY, washing my hands regularly, inhaling steam, drinking warm fluids. Thank you 4 your prayers!" wrote the former Junoon guitarist.

He also shared that his nephew, Dr. Usman, a surgeon had tested positive for coronavirus and asked fans to wish him a quick recovery. He added that Usman had been working 24/7 at the Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia, which is where he contracted the virus.

We wish both of them a speedy recovery.