Sharmila Faruqi's recipe for chicken fillet red snapper is going viral

Sharmila Faruqi's recipe for chicken fillet red snapper is going viral

Lets be honest, this is all of us trying our hand at cooking in isolation...
Updated 03 Apr, 2020

Social isolation has everyone spending time indoors, taking up old hobbies again or learning new skills.

Sharmila Faruqi has been cooking up a storm in her kitchen in lockdown. The politician who, if you're on Karachi Food Diary, you probably know is a big foodie, shared a recipe for banana oatmeal muffins and chicken white karahi on her IGTV and fans were lapping it up.

But her most memorable video seems to have been her first, when she tried her hand at cooking red snapper with a lemon butter sauce.

See, in the start of the video, titled 'Here’s a video of my home cooking made by my maid and house boy!' (we're too tired to dissect this now), Faruqi says, "Today we're making pan-fried chicken fillet," and then picks up some red snapper.

Okay, we think it's a slip of tongue, no biggie.

But she proceeds to pick up the piece of fish and continues to call it a chicken fillet multiple times.

"I'm taking one chicken fillet because I'm just making it for myself...I've taken the chicken fillet and cut off its tail, divided it into two pieces. This is red snapper, it's a white fish, very tasty and we're going to garnish it first."

If you're confused, you're not alone. The clip has gone viral on social media and people have a lot of thoughts.

Ma'am what?

Great content for these lockdown days

It's a rare culinary technique

Eat your heart out, Gordon Ramsay

Talk about throwback

Should we be concerned?

That kitchen though!

Just sayin'

In the end, a lesson was learnt

Faruqi has since posted about all the hooplah surrounding it on Instagram, sharing that she's glad her slip of tongue provided people with some "much needed comic relief in these scary, depressing lockdown days":

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"At first, I was shocked, then amused and now happy. However, I had to request a few blogs to take the video off because of the unkind and derogatory remarks by some of their followers especially men. As a politician, I take that in my stride but my husband or my son definitely don’t. I guess we haven’t learnt much during our quarantine days. We still are so unforgiving to the slightest slip coming from a female more so if she’s a politician. We leave no opportunity to bring a woman down."

We love that she has the ability to laugh at herself and she makes a fair point about cyber bullies who waste no opportunity insulting women.